A is for

A is for Anxiety

A is for Arghhh – because that’s how it makes me feel

A is for Avoidence – my rather rubbish default coping strategy

A is for the Avalanche of stuff that builds when I avoid things, threatening to engulf me and putting a shadow of fear on my waking hours

A is for Alone – because it is so very cruelly isolating

A is for Admitting I have it – which is a journey I’m on

A is for Asking for help – which is very hard to do

A is for Action – because I need to draw a line, stop hiding, start finding better strategies

A is for Advice – because it helps to stand on the shoulders of those who’ve gone before

A is for Anonymous – because I’m not that brave yet

A is for Admiration – because I’m inspired by the journeys of others

A may be for Anxiety but it is not for All – because it does not define me

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