Still learning

I had a few enforced days out earlier this week, not the day trip to a stately home kind of day out, rather an out of my usual routine kind of day. Due to having a child off school. That’s all ok now and I need to get back into being aware of my stress levels rather than pretending there’s never a problem. Which I’m in slight danger of doing because I’ve been busy with sewing projects. The good side is that I enjoy sewing and finishing things makes me happy. But I need to be wary of running away into my sewing and neglecting other things and also making myself down by biting off more than I can chew.*

So, before my little interlude, I half drafted a blog on Sunday. You see Saturday was not so good, not terrible, but a bit on the rubbish side. I started the day feeling grumpy and grouchy, distracted myself in the afternoon, and ended up feeling not so great. It shook me a bit because there was no obvious reason why I should feel like this and I’d been doing so much better.

I think I’m starting to improve how I handle things though, which is a plus. I managed a modicum of communication with my long suffering husband on how I was feeling. And in the evening I decided to cut my loses and go to bed early which was a wise move.

Sunday was a lot better. Until I stayed up to late.

So I better not do that again now!

*I blog about my sewing seperately here if you’re interested.

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