Work In Progress

Instead of tea or coffee this morning I asked my wonderful and long suffering husband to get me cocoa. I’m now sitting up in bed drinking it,sun streaming through the gap in the curtains, listening to music on the radio.

Less than an hour ago I had my eyes tight shut, and I was curled up and hiding under the cover, nursing the pit in my stomach that I had woken to find knawing at me. I have no idea why. Nothing stressful lurks on the horizon.

The cocoa has helped. Forcing my eyes open helped. Looking at a parch of blue sky peeping through the curtais helped. Changing the radio from a weighty discussion of the disaster in the Philippines on R4 to R6 music helped. Managing a mumbled addmittance that I wasn’t quite ok when my husband asked helped. Reading a sewing blog to distract myself helped. They all chipped away at it. None was a solution, but somehow I have clawed my way out of the pit and feel ready to face the day.

I really need to work on mornings.

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