Stuck on the treadmill

So, yesterday I got myself all in a tizzy because I should have done something last week and I didn’t. And then I didn’t do it because it was the weekend and we were all feeling under the weather. And then I didn’t do it because my husband was ill off work and I was tired. And then I was really panicked because it was overdue and I felt guilty and which made me anxious which made it really hard to do. I skirted around and did some other useful but less urgent stuff, building up to it. And then I got some phonecalls, which sent me into a spiral of panic. Obviously I didn’t answer them. My ability to answer the phone is dependent on my mental state (which reminds me, really should get around to thinking about my personal traffic lights).

But I did bully/cajole/pull my self together enough to work out what needed doing and get it done. With a bit of luck thrown in too. Yay.

And then I felt completely exhausted and wiped out. I even went to bed early, but hubby was having some down time watching olympic highlights on his tablet so I didn’t exactly get the early night I needed.

Oh and did I mention that one of the emails I managed to skim read had a thing I needed to do for tomorrow. I promised myself to work on it this morning. As it will take a lot of work. So, I have wasted the morning looking at stupid links from facebook. Gah.

I am confessing here in an attempt to shame myself into doing something. Once I’ve eaten the soup that’s cooking. That’s not procrastinating right, that’s looking after myself.

Healthy home made soup

Healthy home made soup

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