The following is a very boring blog post, I suggest you ignore it, I’m only publishing it in an attempt to shame myself into better behavoir.

Tonight I promised myself and someone else that I would do an admin job. Which is not an easy admin job as I haven’t even been keeping my paperwork in the nice folder I bought let, alone been keeping said folder up to date. Plus some paperwork is hiding in digital format in my in box as it was never printed out due to printer issues. But I made a start yesterday, rather than avoiding it, and emailed them, rather than avoiding them, both of which are improvements on my usual more recent (I refuse to call it usual, I never used to be like this) Try to Ignore It and Panic and Make a Huge Problem for All Concerned Approach, so this evening I tried to keep up the good work.

I managed to gather all the stuff I could find for my admin job, which included sorting a ramshackle cascade (it wasn’t even a pile of papers any more) from in front of my wardrobe into Papers Relevant to The Task In Hand, Other Potentially Important Stuff and 750g paper that went straight in the recyle bin (the latter was the smallest portion. I wieghed it to make myself feel better and because I have new scales so I could. Also I just joined a Stashbusting Group for my Sewing, where people try and use up some of their stockpiled fabric, sometimes they talk about how much weight of fabric they used up. I wish there was a similarly laid back and supportive group to help me Get Shit Done Rather Than Making My Life A Misery).

Then I rang someone and arranged something, which was children related and helpful.

Then I rang my mum and chatted for a bit.

I realised that I’d stalled.

I managed to pull myself together and reply to an email, saying no to helping them this week (but I offered to help a day next week instead).

Then I tried to pay for my garden waste bin online (after finding the invoice and the reminder in one of my piles) but the system didn’t recognise the reference number, so I emailed a query.

And now I have prevaricated to the point where I’m getting too tired to get anything done. So I’m going to restack my paper piles, put everything that I found that needs to go in the folder actually in the folder and promise to try again in the morning. The sad thing is this is a marked improvement on recent coping strategies.

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