On the up

I have been having a good few days. And because I’m having a good few days I’m getting stuff done (nothing major, I finally won a victory over the washing up pile and have been managing to keep it in check since then and I defrosted the fridge today, that sort of thing). Which makes me feel better, so I’m getting more stuff done. Sort of ever increasing circles. Its so much easier to cope when you’re coping. And I’m starting to notice more patience and empathy with the kids, less shouting, more keeping my cool and dipping into my bag of strategies (distraction, negotiation, early intervention, that sort of thing, I’m actually quite good at this parenting thing when my brain doesn’t hamper me and cramp my style).

Now, the challenge is to keep it up, to stay in the groove, whilst being aware (without dwelling on it) of how fragile it might prove to be, of what I need to do whilst I’m here that will help keep me here for as long as possible and help me not feel so bad when I do fall.

Like right now, I really need to go to bed, sleep is long over due and a lack of it will not help.

2 thoughts on “On the up

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  2. There is so much about this that sounds great. Getting the laundry done, empathy with the kids…those are big things. I also think it’s absolutely true that you cope better when you’re coping – never really thought about it that way but it’s so true.

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