Quick Update

At the moment I’m on holiday visiting family. This is a good state for me, the suspension of my ability to be able to do “useful” things has lead to the suspension of any anxiety about doing them or any guilt about not doing them. I even opened the burgeoning pile of post the morning we left just to check that there was nothing bad lurking there. I do have the slight problem of an unknown number ringing my mobile but that’s not causing too big a problem, I’m just ignoring it and any message they leave (yes, yes, I know, not a good strategy but).

And a week off school last week did the kids good. There has been a noticable improvement in my son’s behavoir – drastic reduction in tantrums. Which might mean they were due to the exhaustion all kids get at the end of term , or the improvement might be due to the fact that home life is more flexible and adapts to his quirks or it might be due to school causing the stress. The jury is still out.

Today was less good for both of them but we’re putting that down to a looong day travel time yesterday and a late night.

So fingers crossed that the sunshine we brought with us stays and the tiredness reduces so we can really enjoy some quility ti e with the kids and family and I can enjoy a break from cooking and washing up.

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