Thursday update (a really boring post with no insight)

Recently I have been trying to chip at the Stuff lurking around (you know, builders to ring, mortgages to rearrange, filing to collect from it’s various cascading piles around the house and actually action and file, that kind of thing). I’ve not been having much of an effort, no where near as much as I feel I ought to (let alone need to). Anyway, I’ve been rewarded with some pretty rubbish feelings in my head, low level, but rubbish backgrounds to my day all the same. Grr, not fair.

Today however I woke up feeling jittery and anxious for no apparent reason, that butterfly feeling in your stomach. I was also really tired having not slept enough. And I was rewarded with a school run with absoluletly no temper tantrums, shouting or general grumpiness. We managed to get everyone ready, make last minute sandwiches, do a girls hair and get to school on time with no hitches. I can’t remember when that last happened. It’s pretty amazing.

The logic of this slightly offends me but I’m not complaining.

Now, to motivate myself to do some sorting out whilst my house is being pulled apart by an electrician. I have got over the shame of not having tidied up, he seems pretty blase about it, he’s just moving the piles of mess out of his way as need be.

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