We Hope To Resume Normal Service At Some Point

Confession time. I have opted out of the Mental Health Blog Cook-a-Long this week. (For those of you searching for the button on the sidebar to find out more about this, there is no button. The whole concept of the Mental Health Blog Cook-a-Long is a figment of my imagination which is generously humoured by One Depressed Mama. The idea is inspired by all the Sew A Longs I read with my other blogging hat on, plus a desire to write about the “nice things” rather than All That Stuff (Gestures to Right) and I think also a realisation that providing food is one of the reoccuring features of my daily life.)

I mention this not because I have been tormented by Bitchface (who seems not to have noticed this one, maybe she’s suffering in this heat, maybe she has too many other things to worry (me) about), but because last week I was busy taking photo’s of a cracking success story of a dinner (which I never got around to posting) and I feel it’s only right to share my rubbish times as well lest I fall foul of the common internet social media trap of failing to tread carefully the line between Celebrating Good Things and Showing Off and Generally Making Others Feel Rubbish.

So, for the record. On Monday we had Oh-Shit-What-Am-I-Going-To-Make-For-Tea-Emergency-Post-School-Trip-To-Supermarket-To-Buy-Frozen-Pizzas complete with Bribery-What-Bribery-Over-Priced-Cakes-In-Supermarket-Cafe-For-After-School-Snack. On Tuesday we had What-I’ve-Still-Not-Got-My-Act-Together-Emergency-Sandwiches-To-Take-To-The-Park-On-The-Way-To-The-Kids-Group. Yesterday we had You-Know-What-Now-That-We’re-Out-Buying-Emergency-Milk-Lets-Get-Takeaway-While-We’re-At-It-Instead-Of-Going-Home-To-Cook. And today we had Why-Oh-Why-Did-I-Gas-With-My-Friend-Earlier-Instead-Of-Putting-Dinner-In-The-Slow-Cooker-Defrosted-In-Microwave-Homemade-Pasta-Sauce with pasta. I’m hoping to make something healthy and nutritious tomorrow with whichever of the much neglected vegetables in the bottom of my fridge are still looking edible. Fingers crossed for 5th time lucky. Then again, we might just take a picnic to the park after school.

It goes without saying that all worries about my diet and exercise have been suspended for the time being.

2 thoughts on “We Hope To Resume Normal Service At Some Point

  1. Smile, smile, smile. Love it all. 🙂

    If it makes you feel better, I’ve been limping along with meals here too. I think it’s the hot weather plus my general preoccupation with life at the moment. Today I threw leftovers at the kids for probably the 3rd time this week – and it’s only Tuesday. We generate a lot of leftovers, apparently.

    My favorite of all time, though, is the excitingly-named dinner Brown Food Group. Brown Food Group is an appallingly unhealthy meal which consists of packaged chicken nuggets and frozen fries. Nothing green or yellow or any other color associated with healthy food. It’s atrocious. And also PERFECT for those nights that seem crazy and you’re trying to do 200 other things instead of feeding your kids.

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