Did I mention that I was trying to find out from The-Amorphous-Entity-That-Is-School what interaction my son should expect with the Education Psychologist? Probably I did at some point (yes, I know, I should re read entire blog post and comments and check my references. I should also not spend too long on this Internet Enabled Device though as I have Shit To Get On With). And that I was struggling a little with which of the the beasts multiheads I should try and communicate with (Class Teacher A / Class Teacher B / SENCO / Fussy People Who Like Publicly Humiliating Parents Someone from “The Office” / Other) and how best to manage that (email/phone/letter/messenger from another realm) preferrably without ending up in a 10 minute discussion of all my son’s issues in front of him and his sister and whoever else happened to be in the playground.

I think my initial mistake was that I tried to explain why such info was important (namely because It Is To My Son) and reassure them that I am not trying to micromanage the Educational Psychologist. This was interpretted as background info (as in “thank you for the background in your email”) and my actual request was overlooked.

Whilst I was venting my frustration by ranting on my blog musing on what to do next, a form was sent home, stating that the Ed Psych was coming to town and the date and that no parental involvement was reqiured. Great, I thought, but what about the pupil involvment? So yesterday a.m., I sent back said form with a note scrawled on it asking what his involvement would be and that could they either tell me so I could explain, or tell him, but if the former could they tell me in writing to avoid the whole discussing it in front of him thing.

I’m not sure how quick a response I expected. What I didn’t expect was a photocopy of the original form (sans my scrawl) to be sent home again the same day.

So today, back it went again, with a brief and hopefully not too snarky note on the 2nd copy. Something along the lines of “Thank you for sending me a second copy of this form. Please could you let me know what the pupil involvement is. Many thanks”, with the middle sentance highlighted.

So it is to my shame that after checking that he had entered the building and wasn’t listening, Class Teacher B (who teaches 2 days a week) told me that she didn’t know what the format of the Ed Psych visit would take, she hadn’t had chance to find out yet (they did have a class trip yesterday p.m.), but she would do so and make sure he’d been told. Hoorah. Effective Communication.

I rather sheepishly asked her to disregard the note in his book bag then as that answered my query.

Hope Class Teacher B isn’t too pissed off when she sees the note.

Now, to let everyone calm down before asking ever so nicely and yet Very Clearly for a copy of this elusive He-Doesn’t-Need-a-Home-School-Agreement-Plan-Because-We’re-Using
-Alternative-Documentation-That-You-Have-No-Idea-What-Is-In-It-Despite-Us-Having-Told-You-That-You’ve-Already-Seen-All-His-Records Document.


Bonus points if you have worked out that I am making myself a big ball of problems by avoiding a bit of admin that I haven’t been doing because I’m worried that I should already have done it and will have let people down and now I’ve been given a deadline and am genuinely in danger of letting people down and dragging my reputation through the gutter but I’m having problems getting started on it as it’s now A Thing so I’m wittering on about this instead.

3 thoughts on “Progress

  1. I’m disappointed that I missed out on the bonus points. 🙂

    I’m too riveted by your description of this merry-go-round substituting for effective management of your son’s educational needs. I’m amazed that you haven’t crawled under the covers over that – I think by now I would have been swallowed up in all-consuming anxiety and stress over it all.

    Now go knock out that admin thing so you can sleep better tonight. 🙂

    • Bizarrely this one is not stressing me out (well, apart from the time a teacher inadvertently made me want to cry), just making me frustrated. I think partly it’s because I can do forms (form, even if try your hardest to be complicated, you have nothing on a scary Yellow Springer Verlag Postgrad pure maths book, nothing I tell you) partly because I’m normally ok once I’m actually talking to people (so I can talk to his teachers, its the thought of talking to people that stresses me out, not the doing it, which makes no sense, but hey, I didn’t choose these symptoms) but mainly because I don’t have any guilt on this one. It’s not my fault that I have no idea what’s going on, I haven’t let anyone down. Oh and they’re not phoning me. At least I don’t think they are. There are some unanswered messages on my phone that I’ve been meaning to listen to for a while. Sigh.

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