Big Adventure

Right, train tickets booked, collected, safely in wallet, hotel booked, massage booked, now to pack.

For me, just me. I am going away tomorrow. By myself. Without my family.

Tomorrow a trip to the south coast where I have invited myself to meet up with an old friend. Not sure how long we’re going to hang out for, so I have splashed out on a hotel with a 50m swimming pool and a gym in case I need something to do in the evening.

Then Saturday morning I have booked myself a 9am massage at the beauty parlour in the hotel (me in a beauty parlour, eek), after which I plan to do a quick spot of fabric shopping, before catching a train to meet up with another old friend who invited me to see her whilst she’s in the country. She’s staying with a friend of hers I sort of know and I have passed on her reassurances that said friend of friend is ok with this onto Bitchface.

Then late train back home Saturday evening so we can all spend the day together on Sunday.

Now I just have to pack. And then get up. And then go. And stop thinking about all the things I had on my to do list that will now have to wait until Monday. And not leave lots of patronising notes for my very competent husband.

Fingers crossed. This might be fun.

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