6 days and counting

That’s how many days the kids have left at school until the summer holidays. I can’t wait. Actually, in some ways it’s no where near long enough. Certainly not long enough to organise the house that my Inner Procrastinist has been looking after all year (she seems to be in charge of actually getting stuff done, which is a shame) to the standards that my Inner Perfectionist (who seems to be in charge of planning and audits) expects.

But in many ways it’s too long. The kids are tired. Really tired. They can’t concentrate. They can’t listen. They can’t follow instructions. They’re bickering. OK, maybe I exaggerate, but there are certainly more times than usual when they are finding those things tricky.

Bedtime is the worst. Hot humid weather + light evenings + over tired children = horrendous bedtimes. The little blighters just wont play fair. We warn them in advance bedtime is coming (10 mins until bedtime, etc) and then they argue and roll around rather than going upstairs. This I can cope with, it’s part of the deal of being a child. Then we get them upstairs, in pajamas, and have to negotiate who sits where for what story read by whom. Again, frustrating but liveable with. Then they’re read stories. And after they refuse to lie in their beds and argue and start messing around, thereby undoing any calming effect of the story. This is when I start to lose my patience. I’ve done my part of the deal and they’re throwing it back in my face.

So, bedtime behaviour standards (stay in your own bed and other draconian dictats) are laid down, again, probably in a raised grumpy voice as the first couple of attempts were ignored at best. And then in theory anyone who wants is given a cuddle and a sung a song (little sister is growing out of this, her older brother isn’t).

Tonight, as has happened a lot recently, that part got stalled while I went off, partly to give them chance to start doing a halfway decent impression of behaving properly and partly so I could calm down. They weren’t behaving and I wasn’t calm yet when little sister came into my room for the 3rd time in as many minutes. This time she was crying, genuinely upset, holding her face and complaining her brother had hit her and made her teeth hurt.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I eventually got them being reasonably quiet in their bedrooms, even if I did have to keep sending scouting parties back. And my husband had to deal with one of them who wasn’t alseep when he came in at 10.30pm!

So, in my head, this problem will ease when term ends. This may well be pie in the sky thinking. But I’m holding onto it, because I can cope with another week or so or this, but the thought of it going on indefinitely leaves me panicked.

What will happen is that we won’t have to get out the house for 8.45am. And I will have chance to try and physically wear out our little powerhouse some days (we managed it on Sunday, with a few miles cycling and a 2 hour birthday party at clip and climb that he went to. The last time I managed it a 20 mile (admittedly mainly flat) cycle ride was involved. That’s right, he’s 7, that’s what it takes to make him tired). And we can have some down time, some pottering and pootering time, some unwinding our brains time.

Fingers crossed.

Oh, and my two days away was lovely, thanks. The glow lasted Sunday and Monday. Back to reality today.

One thought on “6 days and counting

  1. So glad to hear that you had a good trip! ๐Ÿ™‚

    The bedtime rigamarole you describe is all too familiar. In our house there’s a new Mommy who shows up once the kids are tucked in and I go downstairs to breathe deeply. Once I’m off duty for the night, that other Mommy is not very patient. Or particularly nice. My husband deals much better with the requests for extra hugs or drinks or complaints or whatever. I tend to snap and behave poorly.

    I know for us bedtime in the summer is generally better. A big part of it is that the pressure that I feel at bedtime is much less during the summer. I’m not worried about having to get kids off to school in the morning, and I’m not dealing with kids who have misplaced their special notebook, or just notified me that they need a show-and-tell for tomorrow, or whatever. In general, bedtimes have a less stressed feel – and that’s probably mostly from me. So hopefully your bedtimes will feel more relaxed, too.

    I can’t wait to hear about all of the clever activities you plan for your kiddos during the holiday! ๐Ÿ™‚

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