Intermittent problem

We are away. Doing stuff. With a kids program some of the time. Busy busy. Two small double bedrooms between the four of us in a flat shared with 2 other families. One parent and one child in each of our rooms. One boy having trouble settling to sleep (1am the other day, a new personal best for him) . No unshared adult space for us.

This afternoon the boy kicked off in his group. Snatching, kicking out, scraping furniture against walls, I’m a little hazy on the details, nothing too bad. The staff said he was like a different child and wondered if it was something he ate.

My best guess is that it’s some combination of overtired, overstimulated with not enough quiet time nor physical exercise.

I missed pick up and the presumably denial/distraction exercise that was him jumping like a frog instead of walking afterwards.

I came back to the aftermath with hubby trying to deal with a fullscale wall kicking screaming shouting tantrum, whilst little sister was watching star wars for the first time in the next room courtesy of another family.

Dealing with it was not easy under the circumstances. But we did. Mainly me, as a fresh to the scene parent I was calmer. Cuddles, stories, loom bands, dinner with him in his room, walk (whilst the other kids went to watch a slightly calmer film as part of the children’s program), attempted explaining/investigating/helping with the error of his ways, losing him for 15 mins in a marquee, snack, story, prevarication (him not me), home, bedtime shenanigans (did lose my temper at that point) and finally sleep. Late but only by an hour or two.

Dealing with post tantrum carer debrief with no private space was tough. But amazingly hubby managed to articulate part of the problem. Boy has an “Intermittent Fault”. His behaviour is fine (if slightly unusual and mildly frustrating), except when it isn’t. He is a kind happy well meaning child and then occasionally he can’t keep coping any more and suddenly it all bursts out and surprises people who’ve not seen this side of him.

So one day left to go. I plan on cutting back on doing improving stuff for me and doing unstructured chilling instead. Then a day packing up and traveling. Then Sunday is slob time.

In the mean time I think I’m now exhausted/calm enough to sleep despite feeling unsupported by The World In General (bar hubby) with the conundrum that is my son.

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