Self Pity-a-thon

Today has been like wading through treacle at times. Getting out of bed was hard. I have no umph left to coral small wriggly children – it took us 20 mins to leave the swimming pool after we were all changed and basically ready to go because I wasn’t up to the argument and effort required (and we only went because they had a lesson, that was the only reason I got out of bed I think). We had overpriced pasties in a coffee shop for lunch on the way home as I felt I needed a coffee to get me the rest of the way. There is a stack of things to do at home, washing up, laundry, tidying, packing, but any of those tasks takes a great deal of effort and concentration on my part today and that is hard to achieve when my children are constantly harassing me, or arguing, or banging or shouting. I’ve finally bought myself 5 mins peace by spending half an hour helping them make origami owls (their idea, I have no original idea’s today- and I had to help them one at a time, couldn’t cope with both at once, and I did get a bit shouty when they were struggling with the turn taking), and instead of being useful I have retreated to my room, the laptop and the radio.

I’m going to hide here till they find me I think, then let them watch iplayer next to me whilst I snooze.

I need to break out of this constant state of tiredness and get some oomph back. We’re going away tomorrow. Apparently.

4 thoughts on “Self Pity-a-thon

  1. I’m glad you’re going & I hope you enjoy yourself. I hide from my kids as well at times. It’s really just a need to be away from all the bickering & wrestling. I love them to pieces but at times wish they were in an aerosol can I could stop spraying & place a lid on.

    • Thanks for the comments. In the end, I perked up a little, did a bit more, then went for quiet time again, got interrupted again, and shortly later hubby came home to find me covered in squealing children pretending to be puppies and licking me. It was quite hard for even Weremama to be cross with that!

      And then I fell asleep whilst he was making me a coffee and he cooked tea, despite he was clearly knackered. Anyway, day over, half packed, feeling a LOT better, looking forward to tomorrow, got my mojo back (tiredness was definitely a big factor)

  2. I hope you’re feeling better now! I know how awful I feel when I’m overwhelmed with tiredness. I think one of my harder moments of parenting thus far was when both kids and I had the flu. Trying to take care of sick kids while also being sick is miserable!

    Hang in there! 🙂

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