Dear Bitchface

I’m leaving you this note because I’m going to bed now. Yes, in the daytime. No, I haven’t cooked tea or done all the important stuff on my to do list, let alone all the other stuff.

Thing is, I feel rubbish. I tried, I really tried. Yesterday when I woke with a sticky throat I ignored it and kept on going. When my throat started to hurt I took a paracetamol and some vitamin c and drank lots of water and kept going. And today I tried to keep going, despite the slightly itchy eyes and the fuzzy head that was stopping me thinking quite straight. But when I started feeling tired and sweaty too I thought, you know what, I’m going to bed.

Now, I know you’ll be upset because I should be doing stuff, but you know what, I’m ill, and resting now will make me better quicker. OK, so that’s only a hope, but it’s credible and it’ll definitely make me feel better NOW.

I know that you’re worried about the fine line between illness and malingering and that once I stop doing stuff I wont start again – I promise, this is not malingering, it’s just a couple of hours rest before I pick the kids up, ok.

I could point out that I’ve actually got some shit done this week, but you’ll just fret that I’ll loose momentum and never get it back.

And you know what, in the grand scheme of things, going to see my mum this morning to help her get her head around how to make a roman blind, well that may not be on the looming list of things to do, but it is important, and the other stuff will still be there next week when she’s away.

So, go take a break, put your feet up, have a cuppa. You can hassle me again tomorrow. I’m signing myself off all non essential duties for the rest of today.

It’s ok, you can trust me, I’m a doctor*……

*ok, so none of my qualifications are remotely medicinal, but cut me some slack here.

3 thoughts on “Dear Bitchface

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