Small steps

Things I have done well today:

Stayed very calm with a tantruming boy after his Dad and sister left without him (as he’d completely failed to get ready, preferring instead to read). Calmly pointed out that it was not his Dad’s fault and he needed to take responsibility. Did craft with him until he calmed down. Took him late to the event myself (even though I felt ill).

Took boy home early with me from said event as he wasn’t coping well (they were not singing the words of the carols exactly as they were written).

Opened the new mail that came (ok, still a pile of last weeks stuff on the side, but it’s a start).

Dealt with the piece of mail that needed dealing with (TV licence stuff).

Unblocked the stinky fetid mess that was hiding in a deep drain in our conservatory. The details were not nice. The whole house stinks. There will still be cleaning up to do in the light. But the worst is over. And the kitchen sink now drains.

Spoke to husband about house insurance and agreed on stuff and then he set it up online. (He reminded me last night that we don’t have any and I then lay awake all night worrying).

Ordered take away for me. Waiting for it now. Hardly eaten all day – still feeling crook, but finally hungry. There wasn’t much tea as hubby is starting to feel crook too (:() so he didn’t cook much. But I think him feeling ill has given me a kick up the backside, even if I still can’t walk far/walk fast/bend down/go upstairs without risking a major coughing fit.

So, today, I am not completely crap. Still a lot of sorting to go, but it’s a start.

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