typical school morning

So, Contemplative Chaos has mentioned me in a blog post and thereby highlighted the fact that I haven’t posted in a while.

I was musing on this last night and drafting a catch up post in my head. Then this morning happened. We might as well jump right in because that was what this morning was like.

First, I had a nightmare. Not sure why, I don’t get them often. The details are a little hazy but it was something to do with being chased by that nasty man from Psi Corp, what, you don’t remember Babylon 5, could that be because I was watching it nearly 20 years ago. Hmm, no idea what brought that on.

Babylon 5: Psi Corps by VeilaKs

Anyway, nightmare over, finally back to sleep and at 5 something the boy comes into our bed. I’m not really up to coping with this “properly” at this point. Scratch that, I’m not even sure what the proper response is as if he wakes at this time he rarely goes back to sleep and if I try and put hm back into his bed I generally have to do it more than once until he eventually gives up and wakes his sister up and then nobody gets any more sleep. So, I lie there, sandwiched between wriggly boy asking me questions and my convalescing husband who I’m trying to make sure I don’t squash (he has a broken rib and broken bone in his foot and is feeling unsurprisingly fragile at the moment). Strangely my quality of sleep is low.

At 7am the alarm goes off. I ask boy to get dressed. He goes away. I fall back to sleep. Amazingly for the first time in a fortnight my husband manages to get up and make me a cup of tea. Along the way he asks children to get dressed. I finally surface around 7.45. The next almost hour is spent persuading daughter to get dressed (fairly easy), finding my son (hiding under his bed so quietly I searched every other room in the house before I worked that one out), explaining to him about the need to get ready now and the consequences of not doing so, repeatedly, having a shower, removing a book from son and hiding it, getting myself dressed, making daughters packed lunch, packing son’s bag and finally bullying son out of house by threatening to start walking his shoes to school without him in them (an idea from a teacher).

So, we leave for school and my very unhappy stressed boy is feeling rushed and outraged as he’s had no breakfast (and I now realise no drink either, eek, bad parent). He stamps and complains all the way to school, shouting at his “Mean Mummy” who is making him go out without breakfast. When we get to his class he takes a shoe off and complains his foot hurts. I explain situation briefly to his teacher, in more detail to the Teaching Assistant, hang his coat and bag up for him, put his book bag and snack away and finally, try and help him put his shoe back on. He refuses, so I carry him to his place so he can do what he’s supposed to be doing – cue outraged from him (apparently I scratched him) and giggling from his classmates (quickly quelled by teacher).

Then I try and rendezvous with my husband and daughter outside her classroom (her start time is later than his). I meet my neighbour there, who’s locked herself out of her house, and as I’m recounting my morning to her I realise I’ve lost my husband and daughter. I explain this to my neighbour and as I go in search of them (thoughts of husband lying in gutter with his crutches unable to get up etc in my mind) I notice a couple of other mums a couple of feet away apparently laughing at me. I go home, find home empty, do not pass the rest of my family on the way, get spare key for neightbour, go back to school and eventually locate husband. Daughter is safely in class but she did have her own tantrum about jumpers (sorry kid, you’ve got a long way to go before your tantrums rank as highly as your brothers.

I’m guessing that some people would be horrified at that tale. I don’t know. A lot of people say that they have a tricky time getting their kids to school, I suspect not hiding under the bed, stamping tantrum all the way tricky, but maybe I’m just self important. This is where the potential ASC thing fogs my sense of perspective. The things that he finds tricky aren’t that unusual. It’s the reaction that’s out of proportion. And working out how much out of proportion it is is what I find hard.

Anyway, I’m awarding myself a gold star this morning. I stayed calm the whole time and didn’t raise my voice one, hurrah! The only thing I would change in hindsight is to tell him I’m about to lift him to his place unless he does it himself. Oh, and I’d take a bottle of water for him to drink on the way. I didn’t even get internal demons at people laughing in my direction when I was recounting my woes.

So, here at Aisfor, life is going on, messy, loud, unpredictable as ever, it just keeps on going on. I wouldn’t say this kind of morning was typical, we don’t get it every day, but its certainly not unprecedented and not as unusual as I would like. (I’m still wondering what happens the day I can’t get him out of the house and have to ring school).

PS Didn’t finish editing this before I brought the boy home for lunch (which he likes to do each Wednesday). He apparently had a good morning, although he did hop to assembly and back with only one shoe on. He seemed to have forgotten all about earlier. He was also more interested in sewing than eating lunch.

3 thoughts on “typical school morning

  1. Totally get it! Getting kids in and out the door is a nightmare most days. Picking them and getting them isn’t so easy either. Kudos to you for not losing your cool. I always applaud myself when I’m able to pull that off! 🙂

  2. I’ve been known to do the boy/shoe thing the opposite way around on occasion. I’ve picked him up and carried him to the car without his shoes because he refused to co-operate. I’ve also insisted that “I WILL carry you out there in your pyjamas unless you get a move on right now!” Home-schooling mornings are much less stressful! 🙂 xx

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