Holidays over, back to school.

Yesterday, good, lots of tidying and cleaning, feeling organised. Although less good on email/job avoiding front.

Today, started well. People round, planning PTA event, chatty chatty, fine.

Then they left.

Now I’m in free floating nothingness, not feeling grounded, getting a bit anxious.

Had some soup and looked at click bait online.

This is not helping.

I need more food and more structure. More sustanence and to have “acheived” something to get me back on the right foot.

Plan, wash up (no brain task). Get food – where? Not much in at home, cafe’s can be bad for me in this mood. Also need to buy milk and bits for tea, without drifting too much.

2 1/2 hours left to school pick up.

Right, go…

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