Today I feel shit. I am still ignoring my problems and therefore making them worse. I haven’t talked to anyone about it. I’m about to go and get a filling at the dentist and my bloody country has voted the Tories back in (seriously, what idiots do I share a country with).

I really need to take some kind of positive action and achieve something even Bitchface would admit is worthwhile today.

But not sure how to start.

The only silver lining is that UKIP appear to only have 1 seat.

Right, off now, clean teeth, run to dentist, have filling, get boys shoe repaired, buy new school socks for his sister, buy emergency birthday party present, then that just leaves Get a Grip and Sort Out My Life on the to do list for today.

*I don’t normally swear on the blog, but considering the general election result in my country believe you me this is the minimum swearing I can manage, I’m thinking much worse.

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