My mood was not great earlier, not that bad either, just bumbling along, could be feeling better.

And then it snowballed and gathered momentum and sped along until suddenly I was feeling really really rubbish, sparking with negativity, jittery, couldn’t keep still, fizzling with baddness, started to hit myself (not hard), uh oh.

Need To Stop This.

I have been trying to channel it into housework with some success. Putting washing away, inefficiently, so I need to run up and down stairs lots. Washing up. Distract my mind and keep me busy and hopefully at least I’ll have something to show for it afterwards.

So, I’ve done some stuff. And I don’t feel so negative. But I still feel charged with energy, a bit like I’ve been drinking energy drinks (I guess, don’t really know), jittery. It’s not nice.

Having some cereal now (well, I had a pasty for breakfast, mixed up day), trying to make sure I’ve eaten. Plus cup of tea.

And then in a moment I have to go and sit around in a waiting room to try and get an appt with the dr today otherwise I’ll run out of tablets on Sunday. Sitting in waiting room does not sound fun. I might actually take headphones (not like me) as I don’t fancy knitting. Hmm.

And not sure what I’m going to say when she asks me how I am. Hence this writing.

Still not sure.

2 thoughts on “Jitters.

  1. Hi – Was just thinking of you and thought I’d check in to see if you’ve been blogging. Looks like you’re taking a break from the blogosphere for a bit (like me). Hope all is better than when you last posted. I am juggling all parts of life too – not convinced I’m doing it well but for now just trying to keep all of the pieces from crashing to the floor!

    • Hello ODM, nice to hear from you! Glad to hear that you’re keeping all he pieces from crashing to the floor, even if you’re not doing as well as you’d like. Things are a bit better for me at the moment, although not perfect, but then my husband had several months off work with stress, now back at work but not 100%, so life is still challenging! Currently I’m trying to step up from Coping with Everyday Life Level to Actually Dealing with the Backlog of Stuff I was Put On Oneside when I Couldn’t Deal With It Level. Not quite there yet, bit like coming back after a week off work and having a bulging inbox of emails. Begining to come to terms with the fact that I probably was depressed for some time without realising it. Balancing getting on top of things, so I don’t take on too much and set myself back, but don’t drift aimlessley is tricky but I feel I’m starting to make headway, albeit by a very circuitous route.

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