Post assessment limbo

Well, the boy has been assessed. More precisely he’s had an Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) whilst someone else went through the 3di assessment tool with us.

This all happened despite the fact that they didn’t have us down on their list of people to see today. Yup, we were sent a letter telling us to be there at 12.30 today and the people there had a completely different persons name on their list for the 12.30 slot. But that person  didn’t turn up, so after a short wait while the staff had a conflab about the situation, they saw us instead.

I must say the two people I met (I didn’t see the third who was taking notes in the ADOS) seemed very nice.

The 2 year wait, the having to chase to get them to find the letter from the paedatrician recommending us for the waiting list, the lack of info to talk through with the boy about what was happening as promised, indeed suggested by them (despite me having chased both by phone and email), the stress I’ve been feeling for the past few weeks, the stress the boy had last night (which rendered him speechless) and the heartsinking moment when I thought we were going to be sent back home and we’d have to go through more bureaucracy to rearrange and then go this all again – all  those things I could well and truly have done without.

So now we wait. Wait for them to take his case to panel. Which is likely to take longer than the usual 2 weeks as they didn’t have any of his files prepared because they weren’t expecting them. So we wait 3-4 weeks until they discuss it at a panel meeting. Some unspecified period of time after that, they will contact us, either because they think more tests are needed, or to arrange a meeting to discuss their findings.

And in the meantime we kick our heels some more, wait to find out what they’ve decided, go over the questions they asked in our head, wondering if we gave accurate and informative enough answers, trying to find out what happened in his ADOS, wondering if he has accumulated enough ticks in enough columns to get a piece of paper.


2 thoughts on “Post assessment limbo

    • Thanks Ellen, to be honest, while the whole process has been a pain in the arse, yesterday was fairly positive, at least I can see that we’re progressing through The System now. Fingers crossed that we get our piece of paper at the end of it.

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