Work in progress

I don’t have my new copy of the book yet, but I did look at the handout sheet on their website. Thinking of my idea to include Denis the Menace I have come up with these.

Today’s Challenge: Pretend you are Denis and write a note to pass to Minnie the Minx in class about a prank you want to play.

Your sentences need to include these details in your note: Who you want to play the prank on. What the prank is. Where you are going to do it. When you are going to do it. What you need Minnie to do to help.

You may use one labelled diagram in your note if you want.

When you have finished mum will give you one balloon for each proper sentence that you wrote that can fill with water from the outside tap (no water balloons in the house).


Today’s Challenge: You have been kept in detention by the Headmaster. Write a note for Gnasher to smuggle out to your friends.

Write at least one sentence about each of these: Why you were given detention. What you’re having to do in detention. How it makes you feel. What you would like your friends to do now.

When you have finished Mum will help you set up a target in the garden for catapult practice.



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