This blog started out as my personal journey living with anxiety, coming to terms with it and learning to manage it better. More recently, it also seems to include a lot about being a parent (because that is a major part of who I am and as my “job” how I handle it has a big impact on how I feel and my mental health), especially to a son who we suspect may have Asperger’s Syndrome (we’re currently inching our way through the medical and school systems on this one).

For the record, I don’t think either of my children have mental health issues, I certainly don’t see Aspergers Syndrome as a mental health issue. And I don’t think they’re the cause of my problems. But I do worry about how my fluctuating ability to cope with life impacts on them. And I know that all stresses in life can contribute to someone’s mental state, and children are definitely known to cause stress to their parents!

I’m write this blog anonymously because I’m not “out” (yet?), which I get away with as my anxiety isn’t that bad, although its quite bad enough for me at times thank you very much. I’m aware it’s not the healthiest way to be, hiding everything away, but the alternative is too scary for me right now.

I live in the UK with my wonderful husband (who does know), and our two fairly small wonderful and exasperating kids (I try not to think about what they might know). Oh and a much neglected cat.

So, what about you? What brings you here?

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I love how you are handling your anxiety. Creating a blog to write and work through it has to be so helpful! Good luck to you!!
    I struggle with it too. I stopped watching the news 2 years ago and it changed my life!
    Take care!

  2. You are not alone in your anxiety! It is something I deal with daily. It’s smart (and brave) to use blogging as an outlet for it. I am blogging for very similar reasons. My perfectionist demeanor demands it!

  3. I write about my mental health and other issues, my blog started off as chronicling my journey through therapy of different kinds, talking therapies, reading around, exploring spiritualities and my relationship. Lately it has become a slightly unhealthy escape at the present time, but I continue to write while my life and my recovery are on hold. therapyjourney.wordpress.com

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