I don’t know much about anxiety, if you want to know more then the webpage of AnxietyUK may be a good place to start.

There’s also the Mind website for information and advice for all types of mental health, including anxiwty and panic attacks and it has sedtions for friends and relatives too.

My GP recommended I try Mood Gym which is a free online CBT course from the Australian National University.

There are lots of blogs out there, here are some that speak to my condition that you may like to check out.

Sunny Spells and Scattered Showers is a blog about living with depression, a very different experience to my own, but nevertheless I have found reading this very helpful and inspiring.  I’ve started this blog to stop me taking over her comment threads with my thoughts!

Anxious Mondays is another sane voice (so to speak) from an anxiety sufferer who’s also studying psycology.

Pedal Power 65 reminds me of living in the north of England, pls he cycles to help keep his depression under control, what’s not to like.

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