This evening has been not so great. No idea why. I often get post dinner tiredness which generally I put down to the stopping after the manic cooking dinner with kids falling out / interrupting me time. Today I came back with kids late (routine medical appt late in day for one of the kids and the other needed picking up on the way home) and hubby had cooked. I was shattered, I wanted to support my head with my hands to eat. I tried to slope off for quiet time after dinner, but the kids came and found me and rolled all over me. Hubby put them to bed solo. The shattered at dinner, interrupted quiet time and hubby taking over is a repeat of yesterday. The new bit was I stopped feeling tired and started feeling small. Very small. I just wanted to hide behind the duvet. I went and found him in the end but I didn’t know what to say, I didn’t even want to look him in the face.

Not sure what is going on. Managed minimal talking with hubby and my general mood rose slightly and has bobbed up and down a bit since, not as bad as earlier but definitely not “right”. Watched Bake Off (as suggested by hubby) – which was distracting but now it finished. Don’t know what to do now. Sleep would be good but whilst I’m not feeling agitated I don’t feel calm either. So I’m noodling on the internet – not really a great wind down activity. Especially when The Internet decides to produce error messages when I’m trying to leave comments on others blogs. Again. Darn you fickle Internet. And darn you Irrational Mood Swings.

Fingers crossed for better day tomorrow, as we need to sort out for going away (again) – this time including an incredible few days camping as a family that could be classed as a Proper Holiday (gasp). Which I’m pretty sure is a Good Thing so shouldn’t be causing issues. Can’t figure out my brain anymore.