My day

Low Point of the day : discovering that I had double booked myself when I accepted a gig yesterday in the new year. Felt really awful, shame, embarrassed, agitated, knowing that I had said yes when I should’ve said no and someone I respect had confirmed the booking on the basis of that. Hubby was great. I managed to email an apology to everyone concerned – I couldn’t face ringing, but my only consolation is that it must be an easier mess to sort out sooner rather than later. Can’t face my emails this evening, worried about the replies.

High point: family cycle ride along the river in the sunshine with a full stomach from the amazing soup that I made at lunchtime. It did me so much good. Fresh air, sunshine, exercise, lovely view, all of us together having fun. On the homeward bound leg everyone was a bit tired and slightly grouchy, but on the plus side the kids went to bed ok tonight (and I fell asleep with them for half an hour, still only half awake now, whoops). And the soup, wow was that soup good. Actually I made two soups, a more traditional simple tomato one as well which had milk in for the kids, although I had a bowl of both (having missed breakfast, sigh). Little sister would only eat the soup by dipping bread in it but NOBODY COMPLAINED and the boy had 2 1/2 bowls and wanted more (which was vetoed due to time constraints – I have promised to make it again this week, no hardship, I think I’ll keep on making it until we run out of lovely delicious locally grown organic tomatoes – it will not taste the same in the winter. Maybe I’ll freeze a batch).

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